Arvio’s Super Capacitor Energy Storage System

Paul Wilson of Arvio with Super Capacitor System from Glen Morris on Vimeo.

I love how Paul tells the story of energy storage, “once upon a time we used to use old technologies like lead and lithium, now we use super capacitors”.

It really does feel like super capacitors have appeared as a viable option for hybrid applications, and with some pretty awesome specifications.

2 Replies to “Arvio’s Super Capacitor Energy Storage System”

  1. Hi we had a 4.5KW installed by Metro Solar. We are very pleased with the power produced however we wonder about adding your Arvio’s Super Capacitor Energy Storage System. Could you tell us if it is compatible and give us some idea of the cost?

    We live in Cowes, Phillip Island 3922

    Cheers, Joseph

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