Supercapacitors, solar PV water heaters and battery training

Paul Wilson from Arvio explaining how the Kilowatt Labs supercapacitor works.

Fotakis & Rachel working on the PV water heater demonstration system. Top is the EasyWarm VoV system and directly below is the new SolarEdge 3.6kW Immersion Heater diverter.

Adam and Saxton working on the Goodwe BP (dc-dc) converter that allows retrofitting of battery storage to an existing PV system easy by connecting storage to the PV d.c. side of the system.

Scott and Ian installing an extra 6kWh of GenZ lithium-ion battery storage to the Tiny House’s “GiantPower system”.

Phil Crotty from Victron Energy showing the students the features and advantages of the Victron system.

Norm Anderson, CEO of Energy Smart Water, talking about their MyPV d.c. water heating system and the new AC.Thor 6kW a.c. power diverter.

Ian fitting off the Victron Lynx 1000A busbar system for connecting batteries in parallel.