Dodgy battery backup systems

Grid-connected systems with battery backup

Due to the poor export tariffs being offered by many electricity retailers around Australia, many folk are turning to having some on-grid battery storage options so that they can store their valuable solar energy during the day to use at night – when they need it.

These kinds of systems are much more complex and have a lot more safety standards to comply with than a pure grid-connected solar PV system. Below is an example of a non-compliant system that breaches many of the requirements of the relevant standards: AS/NZS 3000; AS 4086; AS 2676; AS/NZS 4509.


Not secured for authorised access only
Not secured for authorised access only
Poor cable support and protection
Poor cable support and protection
Equipment placed above battery vents
Equipment placed above battery vents

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  1. Hi Glen,
    I am not surprised at all to see an installation like the photo’s show.I am sure we will see a lot more in the future. No training or poor training will result in projects that don’t do the customer any favours , nor will it do the industry any favours.I think that the flood of AC coupled system manufacturers and the increasing number of players in the market will see a rise in the number of systems designed and installed incorrectly.
    I doubt that this installation is backed up by a ” Certificate of Compliance” … one copy to the customer .. copy sent to The Office of Fair Trading , and copy retained by the contractor for a period of 5 years as required.


    1. Looking closely at the photos above examined I find nothing wrong with the setup of the system. Off grid systems are certainly configured in that way and requires more wiring than that of an of grid system.
      You cannot simplify any further in what the photo illustrates. Of course you could put these wires behind the faults back panels but given the high powered application it will not be wise to do so as there is heat it being dissipated.
      Look behind any household electrical switchboard your fine a lot of wiring criss-crossing in a mess.

      Certainly see the clean energy Council doesn’t know what they’re talking about and not understanding the application involved with off grid system.

      The battery configuration set up its quite acceptable, terminals are insulated at the connecting ends, and batteries are housed in a protective container. Solar panel wiring to the solar power regulators (USA manufactured) is correct configuration, identified clearly as high current application in a 48VDC system. The wiring been used is specifically rated for DC high current and welding applications double insulated.

      In conclusion I find nothing wrong with this system set up and I sadly criticise the clean energy Council for pointing the finger at a system that is quite clearly safe and set up correctly applying to direct current low voltage applications.

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