Rapid environmental degradation of solar cable and connectors

These photos were provided to me anonymously – they show a three year old solar PV system in Australia that while being serviced had major problems with the cable and connectors.

Sun damaged 3 year old solar connector
Sun damaged 3 year old solar connector
Connector fell apart in the installers hands while being disconnected
Connector fell apart in the installer’s hands while being disconnected
Sun damaged cable detail
Detail of supposedly PV1-F certified cable. White marks are remnants of a sticker.

2 Replies to “Rapid environmental degradation of solar cable and connectors”

  1. This is one issue that is related to the Australian standard configuration for grid connection solar array string of high voltage, it always tends to cause a fire like that recorded in a large number of roof top fires across Queensland, New South Wales Victoria and South Australia & Western Australia. Of course more rooftop solar power fires related to grid connection systems will end up in the same circumstances. All the evidence supporting that the fires are occurring due to high voltage grid configuration connection systems, we will see more evidence of this occurring in the next few years, and most probably see the same circumstances in relating to rooftop installation debacle, where death will occur through electrocution, fire, or even someone simply washing down the system with water, only time will tell before any authority will take action.
    In my opinion grid connected solar power should be removed altogether as it’s deemed unsafe and proven to be unsafe for the household to manage their solar system, not even capable for performing maintenance checks on a daily basis. System should be deemed dangerous at all time with a high probability of fire while connected to the national grid

  2. That no sun damage that heat damage inside the MC4, most likely to be caused by arcing at high voltage from the grid array.

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