Advanced battery technologies

Students working and monitoring a range of battery technologies at SolarQuip training facility near Melbourne.


Gary explaining to his fellow students how the GiantPower system works in various hybrid modes.


Peter programming the Schneider XW+ and new Conext Battery Monitor system.


Students learning about passive solar design.


Rod Dewar from Fronius shows how the Fronius Galvo inverter can be used in manage a.c. coupling mode with the Victron Multiplus battery inverter.


The classroom.

Ecoult battery wide photo

Ecoult “UltraFlex” 20kW battery with three-phase Selectronic SP Pro’s and ABB solar inverters in managed a.c. coupling mode.


Jerry crimping some 70mm cable for the Narada “carbon” lead acid sealed batteries from Choose Solar.


Phil from Victron explains how the Victron web portal allows for remote monitoring.

File_000 (2)

Thermal image of SP Pro’s and Sonnenschein batteries. Note the heat from direct solar radiation onto the righthand end of batteries – not a good location. Shading needs to be fitted.

File_000 (1)

Sonnenschein A600 Solar batteries.

File_001 (11)

Finished enclosure with an acrylic “see-what-you-paid-for” window.

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