Dream Team

Smart Energy Lab Students Install New LG Chem 400V Battery

The “Dream Team” is our test configuration for adding extra storage capacity using lithium ion battery storage to an existing lead-acid off-grid system.

The configuration consists of a Schneider XW+ with both Conext 600/80 MPPT and 3kW RL charging a 600Ah Neuton Power VRLA (sealed) lead-acid battery bank. This system is a.c. coupled to a SolarEdge SE5000 with Backup Unit attached to the new LG Chem RESU9.8H (400V) battery.

The key to making this work is the SolarEdge supplied Wattnode energy meter installed in the main switchboard. The configuration of the SE5000 is to maximise self-consumption and thus the meter tries to preference the use of SE5000 connected solar (4kW with SolarEdge Optimisers) and the 9.3kWh (usable storage) of the LG Chem battery.

When either power or energy is insufficient to meet the load requirements then the XW+ supports the loads.

Note: SP Pro has been substituted for XW+ in this installation.

The main benefit of this “Dream Team” configuration is that it allows adding additional storage capacity to an existing lead-acid system. The new lithium battery does most of the daily cycling and thus extending the life of the lead-acid battery.

LG Chem RESU 9.8H Installation from Glen Morris on Vimeo.

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