Sungrow, Goodwe , Imeon, Easywarm, myWatt arrive at the Lab

Midwinter training courses at the Smart Energy Lab

Sungrow 5kW Hybrid

Chula from Sungrow shows the students how to program the SH5K+ hybrid inverter.

Goodwe GW5048-EM

New 5kW hybrid from Goodwe, the “EM” model. Same power rating (5kW) as it’s big brother (ES) but with a reduced 50A maximum battery charge/discharge current.

Outback Off-Grid System

Upgrading an existing Outback system by adding another FM60, Hub and Mate3.

myWatt setup

Configuring Suntrix’s myWatt inverter monitor.

GiantPower on a Tiny House

Swapping over the GiantPower IPS4000 under harsh weather conditions.

Using the Solar Pathfinder to assess the solar window of a site.

Rachel upgrading BMS on Pylontech US2000A Battery

Rachel doing a BMS hardware swap-over on the older Pylontech US2000A batteries.

Imeon Energy 9.12 kW hybrid inverter

Installing the new Imeon Energy 9.12kW hybrid inverter.

Duncan MacGregor of Enphase

Duncan MacGregor from Enphase explaining how the Enphase system works.

Stage one of installing the EasyWarm “HotPV” system.

Networking Time at the Smart Energy Lab

Networking at the end of the day on a cold winter’s night.

Mark installing dual mode (VOV/GT) EasyWarm system

Mark configuring the EasyWarm system for both VOV and GT mode.

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