Sunny Island with Aquion BMS

Students install new Aquion BMS to integrate with Sunny Island 8.0H

The SMA Sunny Island inverter was primarily designed to work with lead-acid and (with the latest firmware) lithium ion battery systems. Integrating a non-lithium/non lead-acid battery with the Sunny Island has proved problematic, however, Aquion have solved the problem by building the DataTap device (BMS) that “emulates” the characteristic of a lithium battery BMS while managing the coulombic charging of the Aquion aqueous hybrid ion battery using it’s own current shunt.


Class photo with Aquion/SMA installation.


Ian Conibeer demonstrating the FIAMM molten salt battery


Jeff showing the Aquion BMS unit that he and Ben installed


Paul explaining the Schneider system installed with new Neuton Power VRLA tubular gel batteries

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