Hybrid/Off-Grid Training at Moora Moora


Neil installing a Schneider Conext RL inverter and a.c. coupling it to an XW+ inverter in hybrid mode.


Lawrence checking the solar resource of the site using the Solar Pathfinder.


Josh and Jerry with the newly installed Narada REXC (carbon nano tube cathode VRLA batteries).


The classroom at Moora Moora Coop.


One of the three training areas. This semi outdoor area is where small systems are built by students, tested and then reconfigured or removed by the next course. Students on the right are building a Giant Power IPS and IGS system that combines both grid-connect and off-grid inverters in series configuration.


Lawrence, Neil and Mark solving a ModBus RS485 communication problem.


Mark showing how to use a digital oscilloscope to “capture” a ModBus packet sequence and to look for poor termination or interference on the cable.


T1 is the “hybrid” training room. Systems by Selectronic, Kaco, AERL, Studer-Innotec, Fronius, SolaX and Alpha ESS are all installed.


Students building the PV module testing wall. Panels are put onto an IV curve generator and tested for faults.


Site visits to one of the many off-grid homes (30+) at Moora Moora Coop gives the students an experience of what real systems look like and how they are used and managed.


This system is a small d.c. coupled SPS system with 24V flooded wet cell batteries, Outback VFX inverter and Outback FM80 charge controller. An old Plasmatronics PL20 is left connected (after the last upgrade) as it provides a good state-of-charge monitoring system for the home.


The view from one of the residences at Moora Moora Coop. Situated on top of Mount Toolebewong (65km from Melbourne) at an altitude of up to 800m. The temperature can get very cold in winter with occasional snow (none this course).


Closeup of digital oscilloscope showing RS485 cable being monitored for ModBus signalling.

4 Replies to “Hybrid/Off-Grid Training at Moora Moora”

  1. Hi i’m interested in training coarse for grid connect and battery storage systems, I’m a level 2 accredited already but would like to add renewable energy options to my company. could you send me through prices and coarse availability where and when?
    Thanks Dean

  2. I am very interested in gaining a greater knowledge in Solar Energy and renewables as I believe we should all be moving towards a more carbon neutral society.
    Can you let me know when the next round of courses as well as Prices are in either Moora Moora, or CERES.

    Regards George.

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