Off-grid and hybrid solar training

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Glen Morris will be running an eight day (over three weeks) stand-alone power system course at Swinburne University.

This course delivers the five units (K123A, K125A, K128A, K134A, K139A) required by the Clean Energy Council for electricians or electrical/electronics engineers to gain “SPS” endorsement of their accreditation.


12-14, 19-21, 27-28 March 2014

To enrol contact Swinburne University


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For those that don’t need CEC accreditation but wish to learn more about battery/inverter systems connected to the grid (commonly referred to has “hybrid”), Glen will be running a series of “PV with On-Site Storage” courses under the auspices of the Australian Solar Council.



2-4 February (includes extra practical day)


25-26 March (theory only)


3-4 April (theory only)

To register please visit the Australian Solar Council



2 Replies to “Off-grid and hybrid solar training”

  1. Hi there,
    I would like to know the available dates for stand alone power system courses and also the Hybrid courses that you may be running this year.

    Thanks Daniel Fallon

    1. Hi Daniel, I’ve just completed a series of solar PV with hybrid energy storage training courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Next up will be in New Zealand at the end of June/beginning of July. I hope to run more off-grid and hybrid courses in Australia later this year.

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