Stand Alone Solar PV Training at Moora Moora Coop

Solar Stand Alone Short Course (Swinburne University of Technology)

Images from Glen Morris’s stand alone power systems course at Moora Moora Community Coop (Healesville, Victoria). This is the practical component (3 days) of the nine day course. Students are required to complete a range of tasks including: checking flooded and VRLA batteries, downloading performance history from inverters and charge controllers, and installing PV modules, inverters, batteries, isolators and d.c. cabling.

Installing a PV powered solar water heating system (aka "Hot PV")
Installing a PV powered solar water heating system (aka “Hot PV”)
Connecting PV panel mounting rails
Connecting PV panel mounting rails
SPS Moora Moora July-6
“Hot PV” system being installed. Bottom row of PV heats water only.
Checking cell voltages on battery bank
Checking cell voltages on battery bank
SPS Moora Moora July-15
Downloading performance history from Flexmax 60/80 charge controllers
Water ram at Coop spring
Water ram in action. Uses falling water to pump water.
SPS Moora Moora July-25
Walking up from visiting the water ram

Mounting inverter

Fitting SP Pro inverter to renovated house.

Connecting battery leads

Installing the battery voltage sensing cables. The SP Pro inverter uses three sense wires so that it can monitor the actual battery voltage when high currents are flowing in the battery leads and to measure the voltage of each half of the battery bank so that it can check for a weak cell in the bank.

Heat shrinking cables

Heat shrinking the battery cables

fitting out the stand alone power room

Installing the AERL charge controller


View from Mount Toolebewong (Moora Moora Coop)


Drawing stand alone system wiring diagrams


Buddhist prayer flags


Home garden


Microhydro supply line


Assessing an old stand alone power system (SPS)


Old SPS system (24V array)


Cleaning the tops of batteries


Checking some flooded batteries with hydrometer


Eight year old battery enclosure – still going strong


Ground mount system


Downloading the history from inverter


Analysing the data


Retrieving charge controller history manually


Checking for hot cells or hot spots on existing array


Tea time in the kitchen


Susanna, our chef, preparing lunch


Another delicious lunch


30 year old PV modules on “test” shed


Wombat Hollow Cluster


1.75kW PV system on shed attached to house

SPS Moora 27 June

Microhydro “Streamengine” 2kW turgo turbine

SPS Moora 27 June-4

Microhydro inverter and controller

SPS Moora 27 June-9

Selectronic SP Pro 241 being programmed on site

SPS Moora 27 June-17

Class visit to Selectronic’s factory in Chirnside Park

SPS Moora 27 June-22

Ivan Carter of Selectronic giving the students some tips on setting up an a.c. coupled system

SPS Moora 27 June-23

Selectronic’s most common installer fault – not sufficiently tightening the main battery cables


6 Replies to “Stand Alone Solar PV Training at Moora Moora Coop”

  1. The CEC have told me that I require to complete the course UEENEEK127A – Diagnose and rectify faults in renewable energy control systems – which is not available, at the moment, here in Adelaide. does your proposed course cover this subject? So that I can achieve full accreditation for SPS. I have already completed the Selectronics SP PRO Accredited integrator training program for off grid and solar hybrid systems.
    Brian Hunter

    1. Hi Brian, good news, the CEC have just dropped the requirement for K127A for SPS accreditation. They should have updated their “Training Units with Mapping” document by CoB today.


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