Solar Hybrid Training

Glen Morris runs solar hybrid training courses in Australia and New Zealand. The focus of this course how to design and install battery storage systems.

Battery System Course Outline

Some photos from the events below.

20140529-IMG_5625David Hille & Geoff Fussell from Suntrix

20140404-IMG_4391Jeremy Tranter from Solari Energy talking to my students about their hybrid offerings.

20140530-GOPR0119Chris Nottle, off-grid trainer from Schneider Electrical showing my students the Schneider XW series inverter.

20140530-G0030090The “heart” of the XW series inverter.

20140404-IMG_4404Angelo Artuso, co-founder of Solar Inception giving my students some “show bags” of goodies.

20131001-IMG_0113Closeup of a large VRLA battery.