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  1. I am a technical project manager with exprience in level 1 , 2 energy assessments and coordination end to end scoping and delivery of energy efficiency projects. I have got a non engineering and non trade background, but I have got knowledge of technical aspects of energy conservation and solar PV workings. I want to enter this industry as designer or business development professional. What training options are there for a candidate with my profile?

    Kind regards,


  2. Could you please provide me with some information and cost of your courses for stand alone and grid connected solar installations. I will be involved in a stand alone with battery storage job shortly and require accreditation for this.

    Could you Cc your reply to [email protected]



    1. Hi Ray

      Well this is funny… I’ve only just found your comments in my blog… and now you’ve actually done my course! Well done.


  3. Hi,
    Do you offer stand alone accreditation training via correspondence?
    Our company have Grid Connected accreditations but would like to add stand alone accreditations to our list for options.

    Is this something you can help us with or do you know someone who can offer it online?

  4. Hi Glenn,
    Im a qualified electrician looking to get into the renewable energy field. i am interested in doing my solar design and install to begin with do you run this as a short course?

    Regards Steve

  5. Just taken up the role as the Operation Manager.
    I have my design and install solar Acc plus Electrical contractors
    Company is looking into battery storage for grid connect.
    What is the best course you can offer me if I was to install. Or manage installations by subcontractors.
    We are based in NSW
    Dave Pugh

    1. Hi David,

      My next two courses are both 4 day solar PV hybrid/off-grid training (not CEC accreditation courses) held at my training facility in Melbourne. You can enrol for these at the Australian Solar Council’s website.

      I plan to run some more Stand-alone Power Systems training for those that need CEC accreditation as well from July onwards.


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