3 Day Solar PV Installer Training Course in New Zealand


Easy Warm Pty Ltd and SolarQuip run a three day solar pv training course in Auckland.

For more information on training courses please contact: Barbara Elliston, New Zealand & Pacific Solar Council, Tel. 021 681 688 (NZ).

The course provides the basics of designing and installing a grid-tie solar PV system. See theĀ Course Outline.


Mike Isaac demonstrates his twin grid-tie and Hot PV solar power systems installed on his home in Manurewa.


Removing the front display on an Enasolar 2kW inverter.


Performing a PV array short circuit test safely using the integrated d.c. isolator on the Enasolar inverter to interrupt the current.


Testing the open circuit voltage of the PV array as part of the commissioning test in AS/NZS 5033.


Mike Isaac explaining how his Hot PV system works. Dual element tank means that the bottom element is powered by solar PV only and the top element is an optional grid only booster.


Continuity testing of the PV array bonding earth.


Fitting panels to a mounting system in our training room in Manukau.


Stainless steel earth bonding washers correctly fitted underneath each module’s frame edge.


Attaching a tile bracket to the roof truss.


Two screws are required for correct attachment.


Attaching mounting feet to PV array rails.


“L” foot with galvanic isolating washer beneath.

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