Midwinter Solar Training

Another group of passionate “Solar + Storage” students leave their mark on our training facility.


David installs the new Victron Energy Quattro. A good choice for flexible redundant power options: Grid or Generator input; always on and grid-only outputs.


Andy shows his fellow students how his team built the SolaX hybrid inverter system with an external ATS (automatic transfer switch) for supplying backup power during loss of grid.


Nirvana shows the systems that he and Mitch built. Small 12V based system with Victron MPPT, battery protection device and Bluetooth configuration from iPhone or Android.


Edwin, SolaX engineer demonstrates how to program the SolaX hybrid inverter.


Students working in the new “Boat Shed” training room (SolaX and SMA).


Chukwuma (from Nigeria) and Andy install SolaX hybrid.


Rachael (4th year apprentice) getting to grips with configuring an a.c. coupled SMA SI8.0H and SB5000.


Brad and Gavin explaining the features and configuration options of the GiantPower IPS4000.

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