ASC Solar Hybrid Courses

Glen Morris teaching solar hybrid systems
Glen Morris teaching solar hybrid systems

How On-grid Storage Offers Best Returns and Grid Independence

PV On-grid Storage has created excitement that a ‘new normal’ is coming to domestic and commercial power – that of on-site storage in the pursuit of grid independence and financial gain.

The 2-day Australian Solar Council course provides insights into the benefits and efficiencies of energy storage along with a deep understanding of common system design configurations.

A hands-on component will offer attendees practical experience in configuration of inverters for battery storage.

Practical Training in DC & AC Coupled Systems

Leading solar trainer Glen Morris provides the theoretical background of current industry-best techniques to achieve high efficiency backup solutions within Australian Standards and industry best practice.

The course presents a workflow from consideration of demand and renewable supply through design options for DC and AC coupled systems, including electrical schematics, installation and system maintenance procedures.

5 Replies to “ASC Solar Hybrid Courses”

  1. When and where are you next running How On-grid Storage Offers Best Returns and Grid Independence?

    1. Hi Michael, I’ll be running some more solar PV hybrid training in Australia later this year. I’ll send you notification when I have dates. Glen

    1. Hi Tom, Currently I am planning a series of SPS courses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Hopefully in the New Year, numbers permitting, I will be running one in Perth too.

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