Solar PV Hybrid Training

Glen has just finished running another Australian Solar Council training course at Moora Moora Community Cooperative (Healesville, VIC). The focus of this course was on understanding solar PV hybrid and off-grid systems. The course had no prerequisites and attracted a wide range of participants wanting to learn more about renewable energy systems both on and off-grid.

Here’s a few photos.


The training room (The Octagon).


Installing a Studer Innotec Xtender inverter with a VarioTrack MPPT charge controller.


Selectronic SP Pro (SPMC481) d.c. coupled to AERL CoolMax MPPT charge controller and AirBreeze wind turbine.


Amelia explaining how to use SP Link software to configure an SP Pro inverter.


After hours activities.


Amelia and Barbara setting up a Plasmatronics Dingo 20 charge controller to control a night light circuit off a 12V battery.


4 Replies to “Solar PV Hybrid Training”

    1. Hi Greg,

      I ran my last Stand-alone Power Systems course in Brisbane in November last year… since the practical needs to be done on real equipment I choose to have the practical down in Melbourne at my training facility here. This proved to be quite a bit of travel as many of those doing the Brisbane course came from all over Queensland. Hence I’ve decided to run the next SPS course wholly in Melbourne (8 days) over two weeks. Date yet to be confirmed but probably July 2015. Watch the Australian Solar Council website for details at http://solar.org.au/events/

  1. hi guys
    I have finally received my solar accreditation and I am looking to buy some hybid systems to install.I need to do a coarse to install batteries and related equipment and need some help with what is the best products to start with. Any advice would be muchly apprieated

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