4 Replies to “SolarQuip Renewable Energy Training Video”

  1. Hi there, Just been looking at your website looks like a great training package and experience, could you send through dates and prices of training? Interested in both Solar and Off grid.

    Can send information back to [email protected]

  2. Hi Glen

    My name is Noora and I am really interested in your programs.
    I have masters in renewable energy and i want to take part in your training course.
    As I am new in country and have no idea about the place you will hold the course, could you please let me know how to reach the place with public tranportation?
    Or is there any chance to be in company with some one who comes from Melbourne on Sep. 13 ?

    1. Hi Noora,

      I’m very slow for the late reply but I’ve been overseas on holiday for a month. My next course is at the end of November. I’m sure I can organise a lift for you.


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