Unboxing SolarEdge & Alpha ESS

Unboxing at the Smart Energy Lab from Glen Morris on Vimeo.

Apologies for the flickering lights…

Glen Morris unpacks the latest cool solar and battery storage products at the Smart Energy Lab. SolarEdge have supplied their new ground breaking HD Wave inverter (light, powerful and easy to install) and Alpha ESS have supplied their new IP65 hybrid inverter/battery system called the SMILE5. It’s a 5kW hybrid inverter with dedicated backup circuit and multiples of 5.2kWh battery packs that can be stacked vertically or horizontally. Pretty cool looking unit.

Alpha ESS SMILE5 IP65 hybrid inverter
Glen checking out his new best friend.
SolarEdge HD Wave inverter
Chris installing the SolarEdge HD Wave
Trojan batteries
Frank & Jerry connecting the battery cables for a set of Trojan 2400Ah 2V cells
Alpha ESS SMILE5 hybrid inverter
Sam, Ryan & Rowen installing the Alpha ESS SMILE5 hybrid inverter
Imeon Energy 3 phase hybrid inverter
Sam installing the Imeon Energy power meter for the three phase hybrid
SMA Sunny Island GenZ lithium iron phosphate battery
Wayne & Chris configuring a GenZ battery onto a Sunny Island system

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